Abilene Writers Guild in Abilene, Texas


March, 2016 - Annual Writing Contest in Children's Literature

           First Place - "Boogie Man Jam"

March, 2014 - Annual Writing Contest in Unrhymed Poetry

           First Place - "Barking and Clawing Against a Sensible Leash"

       in Novels

           Second Place - "The Art of Christmas"

March, 2013 - Annual Writing Contest in Unrhymed Poetry

           Honorable Mention"Rear View Mirror"

       in Children's Stories:

               First Place - "Snooping Stanley"

March, 2012 - Annual Writing Contest in Unrhymed Poetry:

           First Place - "She Leaves Us, A Little at a Time"

August, 2010 - Members only monthly contest, Unrhymed Poetry:

         First Place - "Westward Sail"

June, 2010 - Members only monthly contest, Unrhymed Poetry:

         Second Place - "Stalker"

         Honorable Mention - "Cyber Ghoul"

May, 2010 - Members only monthly contest, Unrhymed Poetry:

         Honorable Mention - " Quick Silver"

April, 2010 - Members only monthly contest, Rhymed Poetry:

         First Place - "Streamlined Credit"

March, 2010 - Annual Writing Contest, Inspirational

         Third Place - "Choose Your Struggles"

Feb., 2010 - Members only monthly contest, Unrhymped Poetry:

         First Place - "Bits-o-Honey"

         Second Place - "Raspberry Gummies"

         Honorable Mention - "Popcorn"

Sept., 2009 - Members only monthly contest, Rhymed Poetry:

         Third Place - "Pink Noise"

July, 2009 - Members only monthly contest , Unrhymed Poetry:

         Honorable Mention - "Westward Sail"

June, 2009 - Members Only Monthly Contest, Rhymed Poetry:

         First Place - "Roadrunner Rhyme"

March, 2009 - Annual Writing Contest,

             Inspirational, Second Place - "Mercy Waits"

             Poetry, Honorable Mention"Ella Rose Sees The Moon"

October, 2007 - Annual Writing Contest,

             Children's ages 3-8, First Place -  "Three Wishes"

             Inspirational, Second Place "Valentine's Day"

October, 2006 - Annual Writing Contest,

              Children's ages 3-8, First Place - "Busy Day"


Alabama State Poetry Society in Montgomery, Alabama

April, 2010, Spring Poetry Contest,

                Haiku Series Award - First Place for "gray clouds dull the sky"

April, 2017 , Spring Poetry Contest

              Second Place - "Dormant Volcano"

              3rd Honorable Mention - "A View of Concrete Ribbons"


Alabama Writers' Conclave Writing Competition in Huntsville, Alabama  

July, 2013 - in Juvenile Fiction, First Place for "The Twelve Gifts of Christmas"

July, 2013 - in Free Verse Poetry,

                          Honorable Mention for "Rear View Mirror" 

June, 2010 - in Free Verse Poetry

                          Honorable Mention for " My Grandmother's House"


Albert Anthony Foundation's Word and Sound Creative Writing Contest in Columbus, Mississippi 

in November, 2011, in Short Story -

                 Second Place for "The Second Christmas" 

in October, 2010, in Poetry, Spiritual, Uplifting, Religious -

                Fifth Place for "Panic" 

October, 2009, in Poetry         

           First Place Award of Distinction for "Earth"

               Fourth Place Award of Valor for "Cactus"

               Fourth Place Award of Valor for "Heaven"

               Fourth Place Award of Valor for "Jazz Band"


America's Funniest Humor

February, 2006 -

           Semi-Finalist - "Skinny Munchies"

Arizona Authors Association International Literary Contest, Phoenix, Arizona

November, 2017 - 

                First Place in Poetry Division - "Los Compadres"


Arizona State Poetry Society

November, 2010

            in "A Poem About Your Favorite Movie Star" category

                   Third Place for "Johnny Weissmueller as Tarzan"

                 in "The Life Goes On: Birth & Death" category

                       Second Honorable Mention for "Love Does the Hard Things"  


Arkansas Writers Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas

June, 2017 - in the Poetry category,

                    First Place for "Farmers Market"

June, 2011 -

                        in the Christian Poetry category,

                        Second Honorable Mention for "Sweet Fellowship"

                        for the Mildred McKinney Award,

                       Third Honorable Mention for "Render Unto Caesar" 


Art Affair Poetry Contest, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

January, 2017

                 Third Place for "Crop Rotation"

                    Honorable Mention for "Los Compadres"

January, 2011

                       First Place for "Love Does the Hard Things"

February, 2010              

               Honorable Mention for "My Grandmother's House"


Bay Area Writers League in Houston, Texas

August, 2010 - Poetry,

             Third Place - "My Grandmother's House"

June, 2009 - Poetry,

                    Second Place - "Dickey"


Beginnings Magazine

July, 2003 - Poetry Contest,

                   Second Place - "Secrets"


Blue Mountain Arts Biannual Poetry Contests

February, 2012   

                    First Place for "A View of Concrete Ribbons"  


ByLine Magazine 

April, 2004 -

                   Haiku Contest, Honorable Mention - "Blue Jeans"

August, 2003 -

                   Humorous Poetry, Honorable Mention - "Me"

California State Poetry Society

Monthly Contest – 2017 – March – Open Topic

First Place – “One Loose Screw”


Chaparral Poet's Contest in Ontario, California

April, 2012, Any Subject, Any Style

                        Second Place for "Diamondback

Cisco Writers Club, in Cisco, Texas

                      Third Place in Short Stories and 

                      Viola Payne Children's Stories Award Highest Rank for                              Children Under 12 for Boogie Man Jam

Dream Quest One

October, 2016, Summer Poetry Contest

                 First Place for "A View of Concrete Ribbons"

Friends of Warren-Newport Public Library in Gurnee, IL

April, 2016 in the Adult Poetry category

                    Second Place for "Rear View Mirror"


Ft. Worth Haiku Society

April, 2012 - First Place for "raindrops chatter"



Grandmother Earth 2009 Nat'l Writing Awards in Cordova, Tennessee

October, 2009,

                In the Humor story category - Honorable Mention for "Skinny Munchies"

August, 2011,

               In the Fiction category - First Place for "The Letter"


Green River Writers in Louisville, Kentucky

in January, 2017

      in the Green River Lean category,

                    First Place for "I Can Never Move"

      in the Flaunt Your Images category,

                    First Place for "Toes"

      in the Green river Grande category,

                    Third Place for "Los Compadres"

      in the The Thing Under the Bed category,

                    1st Honorable Mention for "It Must Have Been a Full Moon"

      in the Strange Duck category,

                    3rd Honorable Mention for "How to Make it Rain"

In December, 2013

      in the More Than Meets the Eye Poetry category,

                    Third Place for "Crosswinds"

      in the Strange Duck, In Honor of Sue Bayes Poetry category,

                    Third Place for "DNA Model"

      in the Green River Grande Poetry category,

                    First Honorable Mention for "Summer Fruit"

in November, 2012

      in the Clear River Writers Poetry About Pets category,

                     First Place for "Watch Where You Step"

 in the Suzanne Suddeth Memorial Prize, Prose or Poetry, for Children 12 Years and Younger

                     First Place for "Lilah Belle's Busy Day"

      in the Green River Grande, Open Poetry category,

                    Third Place for "Barking and Clawing Against a Sensible Leash."

in November, 2011

      in the Short Attention Span category,

             First Place for "Prayer in Pubic School"

      in the Breath of Merton category,

             Third Place for "If Brother Lawrence Had Been Married"

      in the Poems Written After Midnight category,

             Third Honorable Mention for "Secrets"

      in the Poems Written After Midnight category,

             Second Honorable Mention for  "Blackbird"

       in the Persona Poem category,

                  First Honorable Mention for "Widow's Walk"


in December, 2010

         in the Persona Poem category

                 Second Place for "The Widow's Mite"

             in the Clear Creek Writers 

               Honorable Mention for "Watch Where You Step"            


Gulf Coast Writers Association in Gulfport, Mississippi

in May, 2011

      in the annual "Let's Write" Literary Contest, Poetry division,

                  First Place for "Diamondback"


High Prairie Poets New Mexico State Poetry Society Bi-Monthly Contest in Roswell, New Mexico

June, 2009 -

                    First Place - "Dickey" 

Illinois State Poetry Society

December, 2016 -

                    2nd Honorable Mention in the Haiku contest for "cat bats at the moth"


 Inspirit Literary Journal Poetry Contest in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

December, 2006 -

                    First Runner-Up - "New Tricks"


Kentucky State Poetry Society Annual Contest in Lexington, Kentucky

September, 2010,

                    in the Foothill Writers Award

                    First Place for "Open Heart Surgery"

September, 2009,

                    in the God's Love contest

                    Second Place for "Breeze"

September, 2009, -

                   in the Moving On contest

                   Third Place for "Who Will I Be?"

Kansas Writers Association 

March, 2013 -

                     Adult Division, Free Verse Poetry

                         Third Place for "Rear View Mirror"


Lucidity Poetry Journal in Houston, Texas

June, 2010 -

               Honorable Mention - "My Grandmother's House"

February, 2007 -

              Honorable Mention - "Reunion"


League of Minnesota Poets in Minneapolis, Minnesota

November, 2010,

            in the Stepping Off A Cliff Award

                Third Place for "Westward Sail"

              in the Lilian Osborn Memorial Award

                  Award of Merit for "Open Heart Surgery"              

October, 2009, 

                  in the Woodtick Poets Award -

                Award of Merit for "The Kitchen Door"


Massachusetts State Poetry Society in Lynn, MA 

November, 2011, Annual Poet's Choice Contest

                 First Place for "What Calls Me Back"

October, 2010,  National Poetry Day Contest

                 in the Celebration of Life

               Second Place for "Watch Where You Step"

                 in the Andy & Solie Award Contest

                 Third Place for "Today We Plant"        

                 in the Gertrude Callis Award

                Third Place for "It Takes a Big Man"

March, 2010, Of Thee I Sing Contest

                 Sixth Honorable Mention for "In Praise of Shade"

December, 2009, Arthur (Skip) Potter Memorial Contest

                      Second Honorable Mention for "Secrets"

December, 2009, Annual Poet's Choice Contest

                 First Honorable Mention for "Sail to California"

                 Sixth Honorable Mention for "My Grandmother's House"


Mississippi State Poetry Society in Madison, Mississippi

November, 2010,

            in the Patricia Farvis Green Memorial Award

                Third Place for "Showtime!"

                in the Myrtle Rae Davis Jones Mem. Award 

                  Honorable Mention for "My Crazy Sister"          


Missouri Poets and Friends in Fair Grove, Missouri

December, 2011, in the Free Verse Category,

                  Second Place for "Widow's Walk"


Missouri State Poetry Society in Bolivar, Missouri

October, 2018, the Summer Contest,

                 in the Summer subject category,

                 First Place for "Summer Fruit" 

October, 2017, the Summer contest,

                       in the Summer subject category, 

                  First Place for "The End of Summer Garden" 

April, 2016, the Winter contest,

                 in the Winter Subject category,

                 Second Place for "Hibernation"

October, 2011, the Summer contest,

                 in the Summer Poem category,

                 Second Place for "Texas Drought"

April, 2011, the Winter contest,

                  in the Free Verse category,  

               Third Honorable Mention for "Open Heart Surgery"

                in the Humorous category,

                First Place for "Watch Where You Step."

                in the Winter Subject category,

               Third Place for "Texas Hill Country Winters."

March, 2017 - in the Humorous Verse category,

                First Place for "How to Make it Rain"

                   in the Free Verse category,

                Second Place for "Rear View Mirror"


Missouri Writers Guild   

 December, 2011, Dr. Doris Mueller Poetry & Prose Contest

                           First Place for "Widow's Walk"

 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

October, 2015, Board/Cloth Book Category

                           Second Place for Where's My Hug?


Northern Colorado Writers  in Ft. Collins, Colorado

August, 2011, Annual Poetry Contest

                        First Place for "Diamondback"


Ohio Poetry Association - in Marion, Ohio

August, 2010, Poetry Day Contest

            in the Greater Cincinnati Writers League 

                First Place for "Spring Lovers" 

             in the Welcome Aboard Award 

                     Co-First Place for "Fresh Baked Bread"

             in Memory of Eileen A. Kelly Award  

                      Honorable Mention for "My Crazy Sister" 

             in  the Seasonings Award 

                      Honorable Mention for "A Well Seasoned Life"


Poetry Matters Celebration - in Martinez, Georgia

April, 2012 , 2012 Poetry Contest, Adult Category, Outside CSRA

                       First Place for "Room 232" 

Poetry Nook

June, 2016 - 85th Weekly Competition

               First Place for "A View of Concrete Ribbons"


Poetry Society of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


March, 2013 - Howard Starks-Dennis Letts Memorial Award

                     First Place for "Rear View Mirror'

March, 2012 - Howard Starks-Dennis Letts Memorial Award

                    Second Place for "She Leave us a Little at a Time,..."

March, 2011 - Howard Starks-Dennis Letts Memorial Award

                   First Honorable Mention for "Open Heart Surgery"

March, 2010 - in the Bell Award

                   First Place for "an owl is heard" (haiku)

March, 2010 - David Personette Memorial Fund

                   Second Honorable Mention for "My Grandmother's House"

March, 2010 - Howard Starks-Dennis Letts Memorial Award

                   Citation for "Watch Where You Step"


Poetry Society of Texas - in Dallas, Texas

in November, 2011

            in the Mahan Award category,

            Eigth Place for "My Grandmother's House"

            in the Monica Elliott Murphy Remembrance Award category,

            Fifth Place for "Room 232"

            in the Frances Ramsay Holcombe Award category,

            Fifth Place for "Love Does the Hard Things"


Poetry Society of Virginia  in Richmond, Virginia

April, 2011 - Brodie Herndon Memorial Award

                         First Place - "Widow's Walk"


Poets & Patrons Chicagoland Poetry Contest    

October, 2012

                      in the Free Verse category

                          Second Place for "Rear View Mirror"

October, 2011

                       in the Miniature Poem category

                  Second Honorable Mention for "Go Away and Come Back"

                       in the Religious Poem category

                            Third Honorable Mention for "The Widow's Mite"

October, 2016

                      in the Humor category

                         Second Place for "How to Make it Rain"                  

                      in the Miniature Poem category

                         Second Place for "Saxophone"

                      in the Speculative category

                        Third Honorable Mention for "When Real Estate Falls From the Sky"


Poets' Roundtable of Arkansas in Hot Springs, Arkansas

October, 2012, Poetry Day Awards

                  in the Sharp Award First

                        Honorable Mention for "Barking and Clawing Against a Sensible Leash"

October, 2010, Poetry Day Awards

            in the Florence M. Gibbs Memorial Award 

                     Second Place for "The Grandchild"

                  in the Ann Talley Kinnaird Memorial Award 

                           Second Place for "Teacher in the Wild"

                  in the L.C. and Pat Bridges Award 

                  Third Place for "The Widow's Mite"

                  in the Vanishing Newspaper Award  

                            Second Honorable Mention for "The Daily Beagle"   



Professional Writers of Prescott in Prescott, Arizona

October, 2012 - Annual Writing Contest

                          Second Place - 5 poem collection: "She Leave Us, a Little at a Time"

                                                                                "Rear View Mirror"

                                                                                "Bed Check"

                                                                                "She Had it Coming"

                                                                                "Yellow Glads"


October, 2011 - Annual Writing Contest

                         Second Place - 5 poem collection: "Neighborhood Dogs"

                                                                               "Widow's Walk"

                                                                                "The Widow's Mite"

                                                                                 "Room 232"

                                                                                 "Love Does the Hard Things"

Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation Prize for Poetry

in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

May, 2016 - Honorable Mention  - "Summer Fruit"


San Antonio Poetry Fair   in San Antonio, Texas

August, 2012 -

                     Honorable Mention  - "Diamondback"


San Antonio Writer's Guild in San Antonio, Texas

April, 2017 - Poetry,

                     First Place - "Los Compadres"

December, 2011 - Poetry,

                Third Place  - "Room 232"

December, 2006 - Poetry,

                First Place - "Fall"


                Third Place - "Rainbow's End"

                      "Judy Award" for most rejections this year - 106 -

                 First Place

December, 2005 - Children's Nonfiction,

                 First Place "Alaskan Adventure"

               "Judy Award" for most rejections this year - 88 -

                 First Place

December, 2004 - Adult Poetry,

                         First Place - "Dickey"

                   Juvenile Poetry,

                 First Place - "Giggles"

                   Adult Nonfiction,

                 Third Place - "Mercy Waits"

                   in the "Judy Award" for most rejections this year - 106 -

                          First Place


San Gabriel Writer's League in Georgetown, Texas

April, 2005 - Adult Poetry,

                  First Place - "Fall"


Saturday Writers: Chapter of Missouri Writers Guild in St. Peters, Missouri

December, 2011, Short Story Contest

                           Fifth Place for "The Second Christmas"

May, 2011, One-page Poem Contest

                           Second Place for "Room 232" 


SouthWest Writers "Anything Goes" Poetry Contest in Albuquerque, New Mexico

August, 2012,

                        First Place for "Rear View Mirror"



Tennessee Mountain Writers  Annual Writing Contest in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

April, 2016,

                  First Place in Children's Literature for "Boogie Man Jam"

                  Second Place in Poetry for "Cow Jumps Over the Moon"

                  Honorable Mention in Poetry for "Crop Rotation"

April, 2014,

                  First Place in Children's Literature for "Lilah Belle's Busy Day"

April, 2013,

                  Second Place for "Barking and Clawing Against a Sensible Leash"



The Write Helper in Old Monroe, Missouri

December, 2010, Burning the Midnight Oil Poetry Contest

                     First Place for "The Lord Gives and ..."

December, 2009, Burning the Midnight Oil Poetry Contest

                     Notable Entry for "Jacky"


Utah State Poetry Society in Salt Lake City, Utah

April, 2014

           in the David F. and Robert Balph Memorial contest

                   First Place for "Antarctica in July"

           in the Haiku contest

                   Special Recognition for "buffalo at rest"


April, 2010 Spring Festival, Lea Deloris Monson Memorial

                     Third Honorable Mention for "Roadrunner Rhyme" 


West Texas Writers Short Story Contest  in Midland, Texas

June, 2011 -

                         Third Place for "The Second Christmas"


White County Creative Writers in Searcy, Arkansas

September, 2010, in the Bob and Fay Williams Jones Award -

                     First Honorable Mention for "My Crazy Sister"

September, 2009, in the Love Bytes poetry contest -

              First Honorable Mention for "Spirit Lake, Iowa"


Williamette Writers in Portland, Oregon

 July, 2012, Kay Snow Poetry Contest -

                       First Place for "Barking and Clawing Against a Sensible Leash"

Writers-Editors International Writing Competition

May, 2017 - Poetry Contest -

                    Second Place - "Los Compadres"

                     Judges comments: "The irony and levity of a restaurant crew piling out of their    work place into someone else's restaurant where one can find "laughter shaking the air like maracas" is the fresh stuff of which a well-written poem can bring readers into the experience."

May, 2016 - Poetry Contest -

                   Second Place - "Crop Rotation"

                    Judges comments: "With fresh phrasing and strong visuals, this free verse                                        poems will speak to most readers – and all of us who have had to adapt                                            to changing lifestyles."

                   4th Honorable Mention - "Barking & Clawing Against a Sensible Leash"

                    Judges comments: "This story in free verse has a conversational tone,                                            situations people can identify with, and insightful phrasing."

                    Most Promising - "How to Make it Rain"

                    Judges comments: " This free verse has strong reader identification and humor                              to deal with a common frustration."

May, 2013 - Poetry Contest -

                              6th Honorable Mention for "She Leaves Us a Little at a Time"

                              Judges comment: Creates an emotional impact from the first verse                                (actually, from the title) yet avoids sentimentality.

Writers Journal Magazine

April, 2003 - Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention - "Dickey"



Wyoming Writers

April, 2017 -

First Place – “Crop Rotation”

Honorable Mention – “One Loose Screw”

Honorable Mention – “Los Compadres”

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